Journey into White Pocket

White Pocket was considered to be a frontier for landscape photographer. But thanks to the popular web site of Steffen Synnatschke and the well known books of Laurent Martres, “Photographing the Southwest”, the images of White Pocket have appeared more and more often. Nevertheless, its beauty has captured my imagination for a few years. I have done more reading and preparation for this trip than any other photography trip to the west. Two professional photographers, Fred Drury and Charly Moore, offered me great insights in reaching this remote location.

The drive to White Pocket was the most difficult journey I have ever embarked. The road, or I should describe it as trail, is alternating between rocks and deep sand. I was mentally well prepared to drive in the deep sand – maintain constant speed and do not stop. It sounds easy except when you see the rocks, you must slow down to a crawl immediately before risking a flat tire. I was fortunate that it rained a few days ago.  The sand was more compacted.  For the most part, my Jeep Wrangler kept me going without too much difficulty. There were a few hills that presented challenges that I had to back down and then speed up to gain enough momentum to reach the top. At one spot, my vehicle was completely stuck in the deep sand. I had to use shovel to dig my way out.

I realized all that effort was worthwhile as soon as I saw White Pocket. The Brain Rocks under the sun looks, well, just like brains. Stepping on it, I can almost feel the brain activity. The entire White Pocket area is fairly small. One can cover all the grounds in an hour. However, it packs so many geographic features that one can spend a whole week there to photograph.


John Fan

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